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        About  Us   Simulation analysis

        Tianjin CACLCO Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Xiqing District Saida Industrial Zone, in the beautiful coastal city Tianjin. It's the best suppliers of complete solutions in feeding and filtering for the foundry industry, and one of the best specialized plants for sleeves production. We commit to supply more excellent sleeves for the foundry industry, and provide the advanced technology solutions to perfectly adapt our products to the processes on the customers’premises.

        Our experienced foundry specialists at CACLCO could ensure the advanced solutions, with the help of our casting simulation software, we could provide individuation program, according to customers' needs in their prototype developments, mass production as well as their series of experiment research.



        Technical support


        • Crankshaft

        • Steering-gear

        • Valve

        • Planetary Carrier

        • Turbo Housing

        • Hub



        Contact Us


        ADD:58#,Shengda 1 Road,Saida

        Industrial Zone,Xiqing District,Tianjin

        TEL:400-021-5210 +86 22-2399 6005

        FAX:+86 22-2739 3682


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